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Are you currently looking ways to turn a profit online? If you are, you should have come across eBay. eBay is known as an online auction website.

What is nice about eBay is that more or less you can now become an eBay seller, including you. In other such developments, the Maharashtra's FDA ordered filing of FIR against Snapdeal , its CEO Kunal Bahl, Directors and distributors for online sale of prescription drugs. There are many techno legal requirements to open online pharmacy stores in India that almost all e-retailing fail to adhere to. To deal with this nuisance, a dedicated online pharmacy law is needed for India.

For some time it was believed that the Telecom Regulatory Authority of India (TRAI) may be given the task to regulate e-commerce in India. However, TRAI refused to take the additional responsibility in this regard.

In this technological age, internet has been a necessity in almost all fields. Its contribution in e- business and e- commerce opens an opportunity to a faster, accurate and efficient customer service with a less consumed time and cost. With internet technologies offer a direct communication link for customer and supplier, thus eliminate intermediary people which the main cause of high cost and delay. From that, lower cost on purchasing and selling products are achieved as well as offers satisfaction to both customer and supplier in terms of time spent from business transaction to delivery. Direct transaction definitely reduces time and cost spent, thus leads to more profit for the organization.

India's struggle against social media websites to fall in line with Indian laws continues even in Narendra Modi's regime.

To make the matter worst we have no social media laws in India or any effective and implementable social media policy of India Of course, a new framework for use of social media by governmental organisations has been suggested by Indian government in the past but that is of little help in solving the present problem at hand. The real solution, according to Praveen Dalal , is formulation of a techno legal framework that can address the diverse and complicated issues of cyberspace in India.

People believe that getting an Ecommerce website developed is difficult task, which actually is not true. All you need to do is find the Best Ecommerce Development Company in your area and ask for the solution that suits best in your company. The most important thing is choosing the right company to develop a website for you. Selecting a company requires seeing experience, websites developed in past and knowledge about your industry. A company that's good with Custom Ecommerce Development should be your first choice.

Like all automated systems, sales tax calculation systems are only as good as the information with which they are programmed. Automated sales tax systems must be maintained in a variety of different ways. First, the rates must be updated regularly. Fortunately, this updating function comes standard with all sales tax automation packages. The other components of sales tax calculation systems are not usually automatically updated. This primarily includes the information about how your products and your customers are taxed. In some situations, the sales tax calculation systems are carefully implemented and have been carefully updated for all the product changes and the law changes.